Support for Non-Chinese Speaking (“NCS”) Children in the Kindergarten – 鄭堅固幼稚園

Support for Non-Chinese Speaking (“NCS”) Children in the Kindergarten


Support for Non-Chinese Speaking (“NCS”) Children in the Kindergarten

Through the service model of “developing quality education, encouraging active learning and promoting home-school cooperation”, our kindergarten aims to provide a wide range of activities and support services to NCS children and parents, hoping to work together to create a happy and healthy school life for our children and nurture their growth.


1) Learning Support

The school use different strategies and forms to stimulate children’s interest in learning Chinese

  • The campus environment: Classrooms are filled with Chinese language elements. Through teaching materials, teaching games and books, NCS children are motivated to learn Chinese.
  • Picture book teaching: Through stories, children are motivated to learn Chinese and are taught simple vocabulary and words through picture book stories.
  • Peer interaction: Through peer interaction, games, scenarios and role-plays, children learn Chinese and local children are encouraged to interact with NCS children to build friendships and enhance their language development.


2) Care and Inclusion

The school respects the diversity of cultures and organises traditional festivals such as Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration, Christmas Celebration, New Year Celebration, Easter Celebration, etc. We invite NCS parents and children to participate in these events to exchange different cultural customs, promote mutual understanding, and communicate with parents to continuously promote a caring and inclusive school.


3) Family Support

  • To understand the family background of NCS children and their difficulties in learning Chinese and to provide corresponding support services to families in need.
  • To link up NCS parents, set up volunteer groups and organise workshops. Through these activities, NCS parents can interact with one another, learn about one another’s cultural characteristics and enhance their sense of belonging to the community.


4) Community Support

Centre for Harmony and Enhancement of Ethnic Minority Residents (“CHEER”) is one of the support centres for ethnic minorities funded by the Home Affairs Department of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, providing interpretation and translation services and a wide range of activities for all ethnic minorities in Hong Kong.


Service Hotline︰

Indonesian     3755 6811 Filipino          3755 6855
Nepali              3755 6822 Thai                 3755 6866
Urdu                3755 6833 Hindi               3755 6877
Punjabi           3755 6844 Vietnamese   3755 6888
Enquiry Hotline           3755 6800


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